What do you want 2018 to look like?

Some New Year’s resolutions we can all make together.

Laren Tayyip

What are you looking forward to in the New Year? In an ideal world, how do you want 2018 to look? Feeling worried? Excited?

Maybe you can’t wait to get started and leave 2017 behind. Maybe it just wasn’t the year for you. Never mind, it’s in the past now. Time to wave goodbye. Pretend it never happened. This may be the next new and exciting chapter in your life. Some of you may be graduating, others may be going abroad on their placement years. Maybe you have wonderful things to look forward to, like 21st birthday celebrations, summer holidays and exciting new jobs. You probably spent a long time thinking through your New Year resolutions, convincing yourselves that this year you will stick to them. Maybe you made your New Year resolutions on the night of New Year’s Eve, a glass of wine in one hand and cheese and crackers in the other.

You probably started sharing all of your ambitions for the New Year with your friends. It probably all went a little like this: ‘I promise to clean up after myself in the house, I will prepare for all seminars and lectures, I will resist online shopping, I will be kinder, and I will most definitely save the planet.You know it’s the end of the year when you start asking yourself questions like: What have I done right? What have I done wrong? And how will I do things differently? Some of you may have life changing resolutions for the New Year, while some of you may choose smaller hurdles to conquer. Or, some of you may think you are so perfect that you can’t think of any New Year resolutions at all. To help you during this stressful process, here are some New Year resolutions we can all make together.


To not invest in something just because a celebrity has bought or worn it: ‘Omg Gigi and Kendall absolutely rocked those outfits in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, I’m going to save up for it so that I can look just like them.’ Considering that they are supermodels, you probably won’t look like them even if you wore the same clothes, or in this instance, underwear. Your money is better off spent elsewhere, remember, you promised yourself not to spend money online shopping.

To not get unnecessarily angry at your partner: Instead of feeling your blood boil and not being able to help yourself, but to shout abuse at your partner for forgetting to take out the bins on Tuesday, take a deep breath and calm down. As frustrating as it may be that no one seems to listen to you, remember the reasons why you are with them and that after all, they are human too. Or maybe consider anger management classes if all else fails.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all: We don’t always get on with everyone we meet. This can’t be helped, it’s a way of life. Sometimes we can’t even stand our close friends from time to time. What we can help however, are the types of comments which we say to people. Yes, okay you may be right about how ugly her outfit is or how rude she was to your boyfriend, but these opinions can be kept a secret, after all, you wouldn’t want someone ruining your day with an unnecessary comment, even if they did deserve it.

To smile more in public: I don’t know about you but I constantly look angry. When I look around in the library or when I pass people in public, everyone looks miserable. It’s not until you start to have a conversation with someone until you realise they aren’t as angry as they look. Smiling never hurt nobody, give it a go! One smile could brighten up someone’s day.

So, if you want a few ideas, gives these a go! After all, 2018 is for new beginnings. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions, may you stick to them like you’ve never done before.


Featured image: Independent

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