Please don’t follow me

Ele Walton on Apple Music’s new follow feature

There are a lot of ways to stalk your friends online. I was once tracked to a party in Egham by my housemate using snap maps. Snap maps will tell you if someone is travelling, how they are travelling and even if they’re listening to music. It’s kind of eerie. But at least they can’t see what you’re listening to. Now with the advent of Apple Music making it possible for you to follow your friends I have a whole new thing to be stressed about.

Music is a very personal thing. It’s something people get obsessive about. Something that people get a little aggro about. Certain artists or albums can open a debate as big as pineapple on pizza (I’m pro-pineapple if you were curious). Sure, enough there’s some music you feel want to shout about, maybe an artist or two who you feel proud of knowing about before anyone else, but everyone has their auditory Achilles heel. So, imagine the stress of anyone being able to see everything you’ve been listening too. Every guilty pleasure, every teary song, every ‘gym hype’ playlist.

I don’t want people knowing that I’ve got a Pitbull song in my library or that I got hooked on Big Mountains ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ and played it on repeat last week

Of course, it’s cool to see what other people are listening to and enjoying, or what kind of playlists they might curate, but I’d be happier with some kind of private mode. Let me enjoy Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’ in peace without people wondering why I’m listening to the Marks and Spencers Ad music ten times a day.

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