Meet the Captain – Basketball

Helena Keeble meets Barney Steven Wood

The men’s basketball team has began this academic year to a terrific start, remaining undefeated in the BUCS league. Here we hear from Barney Steven Wood, Co-Captain of the Men’s 1st team, on how basketball has impacted his social and academic life for the better.

What made you start basketball?

I started playing basketball seriously in secondary school, one of my teachers set up a club on Wednesdays after school, and I would play every day at lunch on a broken hoop without a net on the playground. After showing how keen I was to my coach, he asked me to attend men’s training for a team he played for. With basketball, the best way to get better by far is to play with people better than you and work your way up to their level.


How does basketball benefit your academic life?

Basketball is the perfect distraction, it’s impossible to keep your mind on your deadlines and stress when you’re on the court and have a hundred other things to think about. Everyone I’ve spoken to that plays basketball agrees that basketball is imperative to keeping sane at university, without basketball I would surely struggle academically.


What is your most memorable moment from basketball?

My most memorable moment from basketball was probably winning the Transylvania basketball tournament in 2017 on tour in Romania, we took our whole team and beat every team in the tournament. Have been looking forward to next year since we all got back.


What is your position?

I usually play point guard, this is mainly because one of the smaller players, with the average height on our team around 6’4” and the tallest player at 6”10’. The point guards roll is to distribute the ball to the players on the court, finding them in places where they are open and would have the best attempt at the basket.


What life experiences have you gained from basketball?

Playing basketball every week since school makes it a big part of your life. The amount I have learned from basketball in my life could not be quantified. However, I feel that particularly this year, my leadership skills have been tested. Having to earn the respect of players older and better than me in the promise that I’m doing what I think is best has been difficult but incredibly enlightening.


What would you say is the best part of being part of the basketball team and why would you encourage people to do basketball?

I would encourage anyone to play basketball due to its incredibly team based structure, the comradery involved and the friends you make can be for life. I wouldn’t have wished to spend the hours I’ve been playing basketball on anything else, and I hope to continue past university and for the rest of my life.

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