How to Keep Fit at Royal Holloway

Helena Keeble

It is well known that students tend to put on a bit of comfort weight over their degree. While this tends to fluctuate due to stress with deadlines and exams, New Year always brings around a wave of healthy thoughts and goals. Our parents have stuffed us full of treats and Christmas dinners, and now it is time to lose those pounds and brace ourselves to walk up Egham Hill each day. But, how do we do this?

As full time students, it can be hard to fit exercise and a healthy diet into our schedule, especially with Runneymede Chicken down the road (even if we convince ourselves that walking up Egham Hill burns all the calories away). So here are my six top tips for keeping healthy and fit while at University; the land of stress, nights out and takeaways.

Number One: skip those Ubers. While we all get tempted to get a quick Uber up the hill it is only a fifteen-minute walk and that slight vertical incline will keep your body moving and get those footsteps up on the fitbit that you got for Christmas. Your purse will also feel a lot better since, though cheap, those £4 journeys gradually add up.

Number Two: join the gym. While this one comes with a lot debates across campus, the gym are currently offering a Six Month Gold Membership at £120. That sum may seem large but with PAYG equaling £6 you only have to go 20 times to make your money worth it, meaning you only have to go to a class or the gym once a week which is definitely achievable.

Number Three: with your gold membership you can join a social league, letting you get to know new people or develop your friendships further with flat mates, course mates and so on.

Number Four: go for walks and runs around the beautiful nature parks near campus. Living outside of London we are fortunate to have such stunning surroundings like Runnymede and Ankerwycke, Virginia Water and Windsor Park. So if you enjoy a good run, or want to go for a walk, why not do it in a beautiful environment where you can also get a casual photo for your Instagram later, because – let’s face it – you don’t go to Royal Holloway if you don’t have a photo of Virginia Water on your social media.

Number Five: make use of the Students’ Union’s Market Day. If you hate that walk from campus to Tesco and are taking the healthy eating approach, pop to the SU between 10am and 4pm and grab your fruit and vegetables for the week. Just remember, if you are being healthy save your pennies and avoid the temptations of the pancakes and sweet bakery treats on offer.

Just remember, if you reach the summer and you are still not ‘beach body’ ready, you can always start again. Don’t be put off by a few pounds, your body is yours and as long as you respect it and are comfortable and that is all that matters.

Featured image: RHUL gym Youtube

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