Alumni triumph at Sports Day

Helena Keeble

On Saturday 13 January, Royal Holloway hosted the 11th edition of the Bears Alumni Sports Day, welcoming alumni to compete against our BUCS teams for the Hancock Cup. Using the campuses extensive sports facilities and grounds the day consisted of 16 sports, including Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Lacrosse.

After two years of defeat, the alumni succeeded the Hancock Cup, which was originally presented by alumnus and Honorary Fellow, Dr Richard Hancock (Chemistry, 1964) to Vice President Sport, Steff Milne. The overall results were 9-6, with the alumni defeating the students in Netball, Squash, Rugby (Men’s and Women’s), American Football, Tennis, Fencing, Hockey, and Volleyball. Meanwhile, the students won in Badminton, Football (Women’s), Basketball (Women’s), Lacrosse, Basketball (Men’s), and Rugby (Men’s).

With so many talented alumni team members, it must be the hope of our current students to train with vigilance and aim to retrieve the Hancock Cup in the next 2019 Royal Holloway Alumni Sports Day.


Featured image courtesy of Higher magazine

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