Uber loses court appeal against drivers

By Iffah Ahmed, Deputy News Editor

Transportation firm Uber recently lost its court appeal against driver’s rights and how they should not be treated as self-employed individuals but rather workers for the company.

The US company emphasised that it would appeal again against the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The Independent Worker’s Union of Great Britain agreed with the appeal and argued that drivers, even with their working status, will still be able to appreciate the liberties which come with self-employment such as deciding which shifts to pick up when an individual wants to work.

Uber has consistently abided by its mantra of the drivers insisting they are self-employed and not a liability to the company itself. In the UK, Uber has up to 50,000 drivers using its app and stated that 80% of these drivers would prefer to be classed as being self-employed. Considering the situation Uber has been caught in, Labour MP Jack Dromey said: ‘No British worker should be denied basic employment rights which we have worked so hard to Secure’, followed by insisting that ‘Uber is a 21st Century company behaving like a 19th century mill owner, when workers had no rights’.

A further emphasis has been put towards exposing gig economies who are exploiting workers through promoting temporary position contracts between organisations and individual workers, in contrast to permanent placements. The general secretary for the Trade Unions Congress states that, in light of Uber’s situation, ‘This ruling should put gig economy employers on notice. Unions will expose nasty schemes that try and cheat workers out of the minimum wage and holiday pay. Sham self-employment, exploits people and scams the taxman’.

Featured image: Telegraph

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