Tis the season

By Laren Tayyip

As the days become shorter, and the weather grows colder, winter gradually begins to settle in. We begin to put away our summer clothes and trade them in for big fluffy coats, scarves and gloves, our winter essentials. It also wouldn’t possibly be winter without our boots and bobble hats making an appearance, as we trudge through the frost and occasional snow. There’s something satisfying about wrapping up warm and heading out to face the world at 9a.m. on a Monday morning.

Being snug and comfy is what winter is all about. Feeling that crisp air pierce through your multiple layers of jumpers reminds you why you love this season so much. Then comes the numerous candle purchases and the obsession with sitting by the fireplace, unable to move, due to being hypnotised by the warmth. Hot chocolate addictions become a common problem worldwide ahead of our usual Pimm’s which we leave behind in the summer months, hoping to meet again in six months time. Then, of course, comes one of the most special times of the year; Christmas. Families come together, presents are bought, and most importantly, love is felt all around. If like me you watch Love Actually and Elf a hundred times then you are doing Christmas right and I am very proud of you! Christmas movies are essential. You can’t beat a good old Christmas classic accompanied by the family dog and your grandparents.

And don’t even get me started on the food. We probably all put on a few pounds over the Christmas holidays thanks to the endless consumption of chocolate and cake. Nothing can compare to Christmas dinner on the 25th of December, flooded with your uncle’s so-called famous gravy. If you don’t still get excited to pull the crackers around the table and eagerly await the prize which comes flying out across the table, then you, my friend, are not a true Christmas lover. We can’t forget the main Christmas activity which we all participate in; decorating the Christmas tree. Oh what a beautiful sight to behold as the family gather around the tree to decorate it with beautiful ornaments.

After the tree is ready, you can’t possibly walk past it again without taking a quick peep underneath it to check for presents. Even the occasional shaking of presents takes place while no one’s watching, in an eager effort to attempt to work out what could possibly be wrapped up and have your name on it. Now, let us not forget the importance of Christmas lights decorated around every house on the street. We all secretly love it when our parents take a detour while driving back home from a family trip so that we can see all the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood.

These are just a few reasons why Christmas is so special. Make sure to indulge in each other’s company and to make the most out of being with your loved ones while eating absolutely everything. You aren’t ever too old for Christmas and all that it brings with it. I personally made sure to book Winter Wonderland in June. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas if you ask me. After all, it only comes around once a year.

Laren Tayyip

Featured image of Glenmore Forest, Cairngorms courtesy Telegraph.co.uk

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