Seahorses found in the river Thames

By Rosa Smith, News Editor

Scientists at the Zoological Society of London have discovered that two different species of seahorse are living in the River Thames, showing a marked improvement in the water quality of the river.

Conservationists have spotted the unusual animals on two separate occasions in the past, however, it has now been confirmed that the short-snouted seahorse and spiny seahorse have taken up residence in Greenwich and near the South Bank, following six sightings in the past two months.

Seahorses are known to prefer to clean water, so whereas in the past only a couple a year have been found, the recent findings show that the water quality must be improving, allows the seahorses to breed and thrive. This is excellent news for the specie, who are threatened by accidental capture in fishing nets, aquariums, destruction of their habitats, and overexploitation for traditional medicines.

Scientists at the ZSL have said ‘the presence of the seahorses in the Thames estuary is a good sign that river quality is improving, but any disturbance to their habitats could be disastrous.’

Featured image:

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