Hangover harmonies

By Ele Walton

This month I write to you from a study room in the library, 2 days late for submission, and several hours deep into a hangover which I frankly didn’t see coming. Suggested column titles from friends when I told them of this scenario included ‘The best songs for dark places’ and ‘Why does sad music feel so good?’ They were of course kidding, but I’m too tired for original thought – so here we are.

When hungover, comfort is essential. Many post-SU days have been spent in a duvet burrito, craving potatoes or any other form of carbohydrate, and chocolate milk. I am frequently met with questions when I tell people this but trust me when I say that chocolate milk is the only hangover cure that any of us needs. But, I am still yet to discover what the musical equivalent of chocolate milk is.

For starters, it cannot be too loud. This needs no explanation. For the sake of the inertia induced by the combination of too few hours’ sleep and too many Jägerbomb’s, it also should not be too fast paced. You don’t need to hear all the same tracks you heard the night before, or else risk triggering memories better left forgotten. It also can’t be too happy; you’re here to wallow and if they can’t get behind that then honestly, they don’t belong on your duvet playlist.

What does this leave us with? Bon Iver? Drake? James Blunt? It all comes down to your personal taste and level of self-pity. But, after extensive research, I can confirm that the chocolate milk of music needs to be quiet and probably quite sad. No one needs to listen to other people’s happiness when they’re laying questioning their own existence.

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