From the BBC to MPs: Sexual misconduct claims dominate the media

By Rosa Smith, News Editor

From the BBC to Parliament, hundreds of sexual harassment claims have dominated the media in recent weeks following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, where over fifty women have made allegations against the film mogul.

The BBC has said it is investigating more than two dozen sexual harassment claims after corporation chiefs encouraged employees to come forward in the wake of the Hollywood scandal.

‘After the Weinstein material was published we reminded staff again of the procedures,’ Anne Bulford, the BBC deputy director general, told a committee of MPs on Tuesday. ‘All the time we are encouraging people to step forward if that is the right thing to do. You perhaps won’t be surprised to know that we have a spike at present. We have a spike, more cases than we have seen over the last three years.’

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon resigned after historical sexual harassment claims were raised against him. Many other MP’s have also come under fire, with a spreadsheet detailing mainly unverified claims against 40 Conservative MPs alone circulated social media. Sir Roger Gale, a veteran Tory MP, came under fire after claiming the sex scandal engulfing Westminster has become a ‘witch hunt’.

Featured image: The Telegraph

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