Uber appeals license

Uber files papers against TFL decision

By Daniel Brady, Co-Editor

Uber has filed papers to appeal against Transport for London’s decision not to renew its ‘private hire operator licence’ after expiry of its current licence on  September 30.

As the regulator of London’s taxi and private hire trades, TfL outlined their role to ensure passenger safety, which TfL claimed Uber was in breach of, announcing that Uber London Limited is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence.

The short filing to Westminster Magistrates’ Court on the 13th of October was a notification of appeal, indicating that Uber disagreed with TfL’s decision. The bulk of the paperwork outlining Uber’s grounds for appeal will be filed later in the process, sources close to Uber said.

Uber’s chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi wrote to Uber staff on Friday confirming the companies appeal, saying he said he disagreed with the decision but it was based on past behaviour. ‘The truth is that there is a high cost to a bad reputation,’ he wrote. ‘It really matters what people think of us, especially in a global business like ours.

‘It’s critical that we act with integrity in everything we do, and learn how to be a better partner to every city we operate in. That doesn’t mean abandoning our principles – we will vigorously appeal TfL’s decision – but rather building trust through our actions and our behaviour. In doing so, we will show that Uber is not just a really great product, but a really great company that is meaningfully contributing to society, beyond its business and its bottom line.’

While the appeal is pending, Uber can continue to operate in London—where it has 3.5 million users–until it has exhausted the appeals process, which could take months. A representative said the company hoped ‘to continue having constructive discussions’ with TFL.


Featured image: The Independent

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