The future of Founders Library confirmed

By Daniel Brady, Co-Editor

Speculation surrounding the future of Founders Library has now been put to rest by the Library Services, who have confirmed the reopening of Founders Library as reading rooms.

With the academic year now in full swing, the new Davison building has been under increased pressure from students and academic staff. As the main area for study has now shifted from Founders and Bedford, students have taken to social media to express their disgruntlement with issues ranging from temperature problems to noise complaints, as there had been no designated silent section.

Whilst the issues are expected to subside as the new building and AC settles in, questions regarding the future of Founders have been raised. With little ground being made since over 4000 people signed the ‘Save Founders Library’ petition last year, The Founder approached the Library Services for comment:

‘Founders is a glorious space to work in and so understandably students will still want to use the space. At the moment the building is closed for renovation and refurbishment, however, once this is completed First Floor West of Founders will be opened again as a reading room and study space for students. It is also likely, although not certain, that First Floor East will be renovated for the same purpose.’

With the re-opening date expected to be sometime in 2018, students should expect the Davison building to remain as their study home for the indefinite future.


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