October 2017 (Volume 12, Issue 2)

In our October 2017 issue (Volume 12, Issue 2):

  • News Editor Rosa Smith leads the paper with a report of the official opening of Royal Holloway’s brand new £57 library by the Princess Royal.
  • Elena Rossi introduces her new regular feature on the histories of Royal Holloway. Her first column investigates the coinage minted by the college’s founder.
  • Where to get the best cup on campus? That’s the focus of a rigorous investigation by Amanda Hudson with the help of editor Dan Brady.
  • “A charming cacophony of personality swimming in a vat of wit and humour.” That’s how Nicholas Ross summed up his review of The Royal Holloway Comedy Society’s night of stand-up on September 28.

Contributor James Hammond leads the debate pages with a plea that new parents keep their children from making fools of themselves on the internet, while section editor Amanda Hudson explores the wider implications of the digital generation’s arrival. Meanwhile, Emily May Webber (Lifestyle Editor) rounds off the discussion with a piece about the rise of digital detoxes in the UK.

Elsewhere, Suzannah Ball (Arts Editor) reviews ‘Wings’ by Arthur Kopit, Film Editor Jack Salvadori graces the issue with a despatch from the BFI London Film Festival, and Sports Editor Helena Keeble interviews Olivia Tonkin, captain of RHUL Trampolining. You’ll also find reviews of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Flatliners and Mystery Jets, and an interview with the band Flawes by Bethan Sproat.

Enjoy the issue.


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