Meet the President: RHUL Trampolining Club

By Helena Keeble

Name: Olivia Tonkin

Sport: Trampolining

What made you start trampolining?

I used to do it in school P.E. lessons and I have always preferred gymnastics based sports compared to the normal sports, like netball and hockey. When I came to university I always knew I wanted to be part of a sports club but wanted to do something a bit different. I’ve never liked ‘normal’ exercise like running or going to a gym, so bouncing on a trampoline, learning cool moves and feeling like a kid again is the best form of exercise for me.


How long have you been doing trampolining?

I did it for a couple of years at school, but I’ve been doing it properly since November 2016 at Royal Holloway.


How does trampolining benefit your academic life?

Going to training once or twice a week really takes my mind of everything else going on. We train for two hours, have music playing, and you get a chance to chat whilst not bouncing so it’s a really good distraction from the drone of typing up notes and writing essays.


What is your most memorable moment in the Trampolining Club?

Probably going up to Sheffield for the BUCS competition, my first trampolining competition. The arena it held in was actually a covered ice rink so it was huge and pretty scary but the buzz of excitement was awesome. We spent two days there, I competed on the first day in the BUCS 6 category, entry level, and came 36 out of about 150 girls, which for my first competition I was pretty happy with.


What is your favourite move?

Well I’m not that advanced yet, so probably just a straddle jump, which is a bit like a box splits in the air – super satisfying!


Can you do a somersault? If so, how long did it take you to learn how to do it?

Yes! Just your average front tuck somersault, nothing fancy. The basics probably took me about one training session, so two hours, but building confidence to do it without support and refining it to look good probably took about 4 weeks.


What life experiences have you gained from trampolining?

Being part of trampolining is fairly unique in the sense that you are part of a close-knit team but essentially you’re competing for yourself. Therefore, you have no one to fall back on if you mess up. This has taught me to be confident in my own abilities, to put myself out there at competitions but to also support my fellow team mates in their routines and help them find confidence in themselves.


Why would you encourage people to join the Trampolining Club?

It’s such a fun sport and so beneficial for your health as well – not only is it a great cardio workout but it also helps tap into certain muscles of the body to perfect each move.


What would you say is the best part of the Trampolining Club?

There’s too many! I think that for me, trampolining was one of the most welcoming clubs on campus. I was made to feel part of the family as soon as I arrived and everyone was so keen to help with routines or chat. We have such a welcoming and friendly team that anyone who joins would be immediately welcomed in – no matter what level of trampolining you are, whether you’ve bounced your whole life or used to have a trampette when you were a toddler, everyone is welcome!


Email: | Training every Tuesday, 8pm to 10pm Strodes College

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