An interview with FLAWES

By Bethan Sproat

Just over a year ago you signed with Red Bull Records – how has this year been for you? It’s been pretty crazy, we’ve done a lot of writing music. When we’ve finished the Coffee House Sessions tour we’ll go back and finish our album, so we’re in the studio straight away. It’s material we’ve been writing, all three of us all over the world which is pretty cool. The whole year has gone really fast. We did Radio 1’s Big Weekend in May which was a really cool experience. We just did a tour supporting Maximo Park in Germany which was definitely the highlight. Really good fun. We did a few festivals so it’s been busy

What sort of thing do you prefer – tour or festivals? Personally, playing live anywhere is the best feeling, it’s the whole reason we do it. I think festivals can be quite stressful in terms of getting your bands equipment on stage while getting the other bands equipment off stage, turn arounds can be crazy. I probably prefer a proper tour set because you have the full day to prepare and get used to the venue, but both are great.

How was performing at Big Weekend? It was an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend. BBC Introducing have been really supportive of the whole FLAWES journey, and it’s just awesome to be invited to perform. It was great to meet all of the DJs, like Greg James and those people, and actually get to properly talk to them and to see Katy Perry and all those great artists and to properly talk to them, some really cool bands. We saw London Grammar. It was really nice to share a bill with people of that calibre.

How does it feel that Radio One think so highly of the band? Yeah it feels great, they’re a big part of the journey, they’re the right people to get on board. They’re the reason we actually got signed to Red Bull Records – we got picked up as track of the week on BBC Introducing, Red Bull heard our song, shazamed it, and that’s how they discovered it – so if it wasn’t for BBC One we probably wouldn’t be touring the world.

How do real life experiences influence your songs? It’s a mix. Some songs will be about previous relationships and scenarios within those relationships, and others will be like friends or stories we’ve heard about a certain position somebody has found themselves in, and we go off on a tangent and dig deep.

What got you started in music? We’ve played in bands and wanted to play instruments since we were kids so we sort of stuck at it. We’ve all been in quite a few bands and all done different kinds of music. My sister got piano lessons when I was five and she was eight, and I remember wanting lessons too just because she did, it went from there and I hated it at first, but I wasn’t allowed to stop so I ended up liking it from there. I got surprised with a guitar for Christmas one year and it just clicked and I wanted to continuously practise and get better. You meet lots of people along the way, try lots of different bands, learn what works and what doesn’t and go from there.

What are your musical influences? We all bring something different to the table and share a lot of different music between us. We listen to loads all the time, within FLAWES we tend to like Bruno Major, London Grammar, Everything Everything, and Half Moon Run.

How did you come up with your name? We’ve all played in bands and had things go wrong, so FLAWES is celebrating all those things that went wrong and learning from it. It’s all about embracing your mistakes and learning from them. There’s a flaw in the spelling of our band name, so it’s just about thinking that everything happens for a reason.

What’s next in your career? We have a single coming out in November, and then finishing the album that will be released early to mid-next year. When the album is released, we’ll be doing quite a lot of gigs around the UK and Europe, hopefully getting as many gigs as we can.


Featured image: Flawes, Red Bull

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