Banish uni blues

Already back to the books? Plan your next trip while you can.

By Emily Harris

Sadly, the summer is over, and we are back at university. Ready to face deadlines, coursework and tears. Ah, summer days, where the evenings are light and the breeze is warm. Where all that lies before us is the freedom to do as we please – even if that means tackling a vast reading list for the next year or working part-time to be able to afford the SU. Good times.

If you, like many, shudder at the thought of no more weekend getaways until the following year, and the nights drawing in at 4pm leave you feeling blue. Then here is your guide to leaving the laptop behind and reaching for your passport. So, with a month off for Christmas, and reading week around the corner, why not plan your next night or weekend away? When Royal Holloway is only a stone’s throw from Heathrow, wouldn’t it be rude not to?

Here are a few ideas on how to jet off somewhere without spending all your summer savings.



Places like Vienna, Berlin and Prague with their cobbled streets, Christmas markets and baked goods all ooze with winter spirit. Searching websites like Skyscanner for locations such as these is a good way to find reasonably priced, mid-week flights. Instead of flying, an easier (but sometimes pricier) option is the Eurostar, where you can visit places like Paris or Brussels. Booking this trip in advance will also save money.


Where to stay:

I would recommend Air BnB if you want a city break or are thinking of somewhere with a group of friends. I am still a fan of hotels but Airbnb is another mostly cheaper and cooler option rather than a hotel stay. Plus, if you are a new customer you can get £30 off your first stay if you have been invited by a friend. Sorted.


Things to do/Places to eat:

I’m a lover of reading blogs and watching YouTube videos myself but this is also a useful way to find out what cool things there are to do in your city of choice as well as nice restaurants to visit. A lot of places will still take our student discounts even when abroad!


Other Tips

  • Search with a # of the location on Instagram. This is great for ideas for where to visit/eat
  • Check out if the library has any books on travel. This could earn you extra points with your photography game.
  • If travelling from Gatwick don’t be put off by large taxi fees or train journeys. Research low cost B and B’s for affordable and convenient stays.
  • Get Organised. Book in advance. Now schools are back, make the most of budget airlines with bargain flights.


Featured image of Prague courtesy Lonely Planet.

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