Fresh term, Fresh Campus, and Freshers

Students met with multi-million pound campus transformation

By Rosa Smith, News Editor

As the days grow shorter and the air gets colder, there’s only one way to stave off those end of summer blues – the big return to Royal Holloway.

The new academic year is already upon us, and at The Founder we’ve been dusting off our laptops and working hard to bring you a fantastic and informative September edition for the start of term. For most of us, this week seemed a long way off whilst lounging in the south quad of Founders, enjoying the sunshine and a drink (or three) post-exams. But now we’re back, and ready to do it all again.

We return to find campus a somewhat changed place this September. With the long-anticipated opening of the new Emily Wilding Davison Building there are new territories to explore for even the most seasoned of RHUL students. The latest addition to campus will thankfully provide a huge increase in the number of study spaces available (we’ve all done that walk in the library), as well as a new student services centre, and a bigger and better SU shop. Of course, returning students will be relieved at the completion of the building, not least as it marks an end to the construction site which campus morphed into at the end of last year. The new fence-free and HGV-less space promises to shave at least ten minutes off every journey time to or around Founders Building. First Years – we have suffered for you.

The other addition to Royal Holloway is of course the George Eliot halls. Their construction meant that the university could guarantee accommodation for the record-breaking number of applicants this year, a big step forward. We’ve all seen the photos online, and if you’re reading this from your brand-new room or spotless kitchen, just to let you know, we’re not bitter – at all.

Which, of course, brings us to First Years! Welcome one and all! If this is your first term at Royal Holloway, then firstly congratulations on getting here! Secondly, an even bigger congratulation on picking up your first copy of The Founder. As Royal Holloway’s independent newspaper, we have no formal affiliation with the Student’s Union, or Royal Holloway itself, allowing us complete freedom in our opinions. The Founder is a monthly publication which aims to provide enriching and diverse content for our readers. We strive to bridge any gaps between the world of RHUL, and the outside world, bringing a sense of inclusivity and belonging to our university community. We’re always looking for people who want to get involved, and if you like what you see and have a story, please contact the appropriate section editor.

So, as the new year begins, this article draws to a close. Whether you’re anxiously entering you first year, are experiencing the more nonchalant second year approach, or are having a panicked it’s-my-final-year third year moment, remember that whatever stage you’re at – you’ll be okay. The year ahead will have ups and downs in store, but remember to enjoy it and work hard. Take every opportunity you’re given, and go out and find the ones you’re not, and remember to keep your eye out each month for The Founder!


Featured image courtesy of Royal Holloway

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