Shameful Admissions of an Editor (That One Deaf Music Critic)

By That One Deaf Music Critic

Two issues ago, I made the shameful admission that I have never listened to a Sonic Youth album, or even song, consciously. In the wake of the non-existent backlash, I thought I’d see what other shameful admissions I could make, since this is my final issue operating as the editor of the Founder’s music section. So here goes, here are my shameful admissions.

  • I’ve never been to a music festival, and have no plans to change that anytime soon. I’ve just never been able to afford the damn tickets, nor am I particularly enamored with the idea of camping, having paid that much money. I would make an exception for the Eaux Claires festival, though, as it is run and operated by some of my favorite musicians.
  • My first ever album was a Robbie Williams live album, which was followed by another Robbie Williams album, which got confiscated from me when I sang along, in the car, to the line ‘my breath smells of a thousand fags.’ British slang for cigarettes wasn’t hugely well-known in Australia at the time…
  • My first ever concert was a whole-family trip to see the American Idol Live Tour when they came to Chicago. On the plus-side, however, I did get to see Adam Lambert performing live in the years before he joined up with Queen.
  • I once did a ‘Guess the Band From Five Song Titles’ quiz that was centered around classic rock bands, and only got a score of seven out of ten. I know, I’m a failure.
  • I didn’t used to like the Beatles, I thought they were boring. I don’t anymore, don’t worry. And for those of you that do think that, don’t worry, there’s time for you yet – you can still be saved.
  • I can’t name a single Rolling Stones album title. Nor can I name more than a handful of songs by them.
  • Sometimes I listen to Coldplay of my own will.

And then this is goodbye. Next year, someone will replace me as music editor, and I’m sure the world will take notice and editorial eulogies will be written for me. Or nothing will happen and no one will notice. Probably the former. Almost definitely the former. The first one. The eulogies.

It’s been fun. I’m going to go and be deaf somewhere else now.


That One Deaf Music Critic

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