Films vs. TV Series

By Anna Lucchinetti

In recent years, TV has become extremely popular amongst young audiences. For several reasons, it now seems students prefer watching TV to films. For the last issue of the year, The Founder has decided to conduct a survey to find out what Royal Holloway students really think.

According to the survey, TV is preferred by 61% of RHUL’s students, whilst the other 39% stay faithful to films. The reasons why most students prefer watching TV are varied. Firstly, as TV series are longer, they present more extensive character development and more intricate plots. Another reason is the commitment TV series’ require. In fact, most students claimed they prefer TV to film because watching an episode does not require as much time as watching a film. Also, some said they find hard to focus on full-length films. However, when the 39% who voted for film were asked the same question, they said that they preferred films because they require less commitment, as you do not have to wait for the release of several series. Also, many of the people on the ‘film side’ think that film is a superior format as they typically have bigger budgets, and therefore acting and cinematography are of a higher quality. Moreover, some film-lovers argued they prefer watching films as they think they condense a whole narrative and their creative worlds within a shorter time-span (i.e. the story lines are not dragged out as much as TV).

The survey showed that another influential element is the venue. The findings showed that 58% preferred watching shows at home, especially after the popularisation of Netflix, which has made the pleasure of watching films or TV shows at home more viable. However, 42% still enjoy the experience of going to the cinema and disconnecting from the rest of the world. The unpopularity of the cinema is also caused by the fact that tickets can be expensive, especially on a student budget. 68% of the interviewees said that they would go to the cinema more often if it was cheaper, whilst 16% claimed they do not care about prices. 10% said that less expensive tickets would not influence their attendance because they go regularly anyway, whilst 6% still prefer enjoying the comfortable environment of their own home.

Experiencing cinema is specifically another topic in which people hold contrasting opinions: 58% would go to the cinema alone because they consider going to the cinema a personal experience (i.e. no talking is allowed, and there is no need for company to appreciate a good film). Nevertheless, the remaining 42% think that going to the cinema is a social event as you can discuss the movie after. Furthermore, some people would feel uncomfortable watching a film alone, whilst some think that being alone improves the general experience. In conclusion, in the debate between TV series and film, our survey seems to indicate that TV is firmly at the forefront of the media battle.


Anna Lucchinetti

Image courtesy of Netflix

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