Celebrate Good Times!

By Jacob Jewitt-Jalland

It is the end of the year, and many of us are saying goodbye to RHUL. It is a bittersweet feeling – on the one hand I will miss the beautiful campus, on the other I won’t miss paying £1.50 for a pretty basic doughnut in Coffee & Cake.

Throughout my university career, I have never met a student who does not like alcohol and movies. They also coincidentally happen to be two of the greatest ways to celebrate. For centuries people have flocked to the pub to toast their achievements, failures, broken dreams, and since the dawn of film people with less troubling addictions have done the same at the cinema. This is the part of the article in which I must urge to drink responsibly. Usually I would never waste these precious words, but as I write this I am in the grips of one of the worst hangovers of my life and the mere thought of alcohol is making me wretch. Whatever you do kids, do not mix gin, black vodka, wine, and lemonade, name it after yourself and then drink eight of them.

Fortunately for me, however, I can spend the day watching films that make me happy, and once my hangover has disappeared I will be ready to pair these with some fine alcoholic beverages. Here are a few recommendations:

 Finding Nemo (Red wine)

As many of us are graduating and becoming real adults, perhaps we would care to rediscover our lost childhoods. The film is designed to pull the heart strings and red wine will protract the memories of seeing the film for the first time. The very act of drinking alcohol whilst watching a childhood favourite represents the lost (or, more accurately for students given-away) innocence of adulthood.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (G&T)

The third instalment of George Lucas’ saga benefits from having the greatest final celebration sequence of all. The G&T is a classy drink not to be taken too quickly, but over the course of watching all three films back-to-back a joyous buzz will have developed by the eighth drink. Read the Empire as RHUL and the cremation of Darth Vader as the bittersweet defeat of that great nemesis, and a more intellectual sense of gratification is achieved.


Brokeback Mountain (Whisky)

Easily the most heart-breaking film I have seen, watching the horrendously tortured love affair of two cowboys whilst weeping into one’s fine scotch will remind you of all the love you have lost in life. Obviously, this sounds horrible, but one can learn a great deal about life from this beautiful story.


Sand Sharks and Ice Sharks (Beer)

This is the combination I’m most excited for, and the only one I’ve not tried. Despite my great disappointment that Megashark vs Crocosaurus had no redeeming features, I am hoping that getting fired up by 12-14 beers will lead to a night of terrible greatness as unnecessary and artless as these two films.



Jacob Jewitt-Jalland


Featured image courtesy of Lucasfilm

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