Your summer in Egham

“It’s easy to take for granted what’s on your doorstep.”

By Charlotte Rubery

With exam season fast approaching, we all need a welcome distraction. After all, we can’t spend every waking moment revising. Plus, with plenty of free time to kill after the exams, what better way to pass the time than to plan a few fun day trips with your Uni pals.

Windsor’s Long Walk, Courtesy Royal Collection Trust


Travel Time: 4/5

Cost: 3/5

Weather Permitting: 4/5

Windsor really does cater for everyone. For the foodies, the shoppers and the historians, Windsor has something to offer. Take the bus down here during the summer term and enjoy a scenic boat ride down the river, or relax and unwind on the grassy bank surrounding Windsor Castle – which, should you wish to, you can also take a tour of and, with a recognised promotional deal allowing you free return within a year of your tour, it really is a fabulous offer to make the most of. The shopping here is excellent and the restaurants are just as good so, if history isn’t necessarily your thing, you won’t be limited. Windsor Racecourse is also worth a look – a fabulous day out at a fairly reasonable price and the boat ride entry to the racecourse is certainly an experience. A little hidden gem is Eton; a short wander over the bridge will reveal a quaint little street with coffee shops and one-off boutiques, with Eton School looming in the distance at the end of the street.

Kew Gardens

Travel Time: 3/5

Cost: 3/5

Weather Permitting: 3/5

Just a short train journey away, Kew Gardens really is a ‘must see’. With regular exhibitions and simply stunning views the botanical gardens are incredibly popular with students. It’s fairly reasonably priced, with tickets marked at around £12.75 . Since you are taking the train, you may as well make a day of it and explore the surrounding areas. Richmond, a short trip down the road from Kew has plenty of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. Richmond Park could be a good revision / picnic location in the summer term.

Check out Kew Gardens’ website for ticket prices and details of upcoming exhibitions:

The Cascade at Virginia Water, Courtesy Windsor Great Park

 Virginia Water

Travel Time: 5/5

Cost: 5/5

Weather Permitting: 2/5

Another short bus ride away is Virginia Waters – home to some of the best views in the area! Take a walk round the lake with your friends or enjoy a drink in the little café by the water … unless you’re feeling super savvy and want to pack your own picnic, of course. You can while away the hours relaxing in the sun and enjoying the views – it could even be a potential study spot for a change of scenery in exam season. Surrounded by little pubs and the infamous Piccolino restaurant, you won’t be short of a snack on the way home either.

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted what’s on your doorstep, so make a pledge to take advantage of these wonderful places. We are truly lucky to have one of the most iconic campuses set amongst some of the most spectacularly scenic locations.

Charlotte Rubery


Featured image courtesy Windsor Great Park

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