The Summer Ball Survival Guide

By Emily May Webber

Summer Ball 2017 is just around the corner and so, with the lessons I learnt as a fresher, I felt obliged to share my wisdom on the do’s and don’ts of the event. From fashion to food, here is the must have guide on how to enjoy the Holloway night of the year.

The Look:

If you, like many, have hibernated in the library for most of term, or failed to move from your duvet, your skin might be looking a little tired to say the least. Ahead of the event, here are the tried and tested products to turn your skin from grey to glow. No orange tan disasters in sight.

Scrub away:

Grounded Body Scrub: £15 Boots

Despite the price tag, this scrub will outlive you. It is a dry scrub made up of coffee beans, brown sugar and Himalayan salt. Just take a handful and apply to damp skin. Packed with caffeine, and almond oil your skin will be the smoothest of them all.

Smooth it:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula: £3.79 Superdrug

A body moisturiser that smells like chocolate, what more could one ask for? Buttery goodness packed into a bottle, and a high street must have. Apply all over after showering, and in no time at all you can wave goodbye to rough, rhino-worthy skin.

The Outfit:

The best advice on what to wear is surprisingly something that you already own. A week before many of us are scouring the high street, ending in an endless pit of ASOS orders that are never returned and a floordrobe to rival London Fashion Week. However, wearing something that you know suits you, and can last a 12-hour night, is the best route to go.

Yet, if you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear, here are the best tips for choosing a Summer Ball outfit:

  1. To sleeve or not to sleeve: Despite the ‘summer’ title, when the sun goes down, it can feel more like January than June. Wear something that covers the shoulders, and is not completely strappy. Be the envy of your friends whilst you dance away instead of waiting for your jacket in cloakroom queues.
  2. Shoes: If like the innocent fresher I was last year, you decide to wear your most uncomfortable stilettos, arm yourself with spares! With this in mind, wedges are a great alternative and will also prevent sinking into the grass.
  3. The top and skirt combo: A combination never to be underestimated and one that you can be sure no one else will be wearing. Opt for a high waited mid-length skirt, and a cropped style top. Also an outfit that can be re-worn, you’ll be saving the pennies all round.


The advice that no one tells you:

Here is the advice that you won’t see on the SU page, so grab a pen and take note:

  1. The 8pm rule: Everyone will be on the grass attempting to get the best picture, so don’t miss out! This will give you plenty of time to take the group pictures without being the first to arrive.
  2. Spare shoes: If you opt for the heel, fold up some pumps in your handbag. This will be a lifesaver at 3am, when the walk to the cloakroom seems like a mile away.
  3. Carb up: A summer ball ‘all nighter’ is not for the faint hearted. If you intend of making it to the survivor’s picture, make sure to eat well before, and avoid the expense of the food outlets.
  4. Pre-Drinks: Gather your friends at your flat or house for some pictures and drinks beforehand. Try not to feel the need to drink lots, the night itself it worth remembering!
  5. Handbag must haves: Take some plasters, deodorant, an energy bar, and even a hairbrush to spruce yourself up after midnight.


Emily May Webber


Featured image courtesy SU Royal Holloway

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