The Next Five Songs You Should Listen To – And When

By Samuel Barker

Will Joseph Cook – ‘Treat Me Like A Lover’

Play this as the first song when it’s your turn to try and pick some music that no one will complain about at the BBQ. When someone realizes that you just played a ‘summer’ song that opens with lyrics about running in a cemetery as an act of therapy, put on that NEIKED song that everyone still loves (‘Sexual’, in case you’ve forgotten what it’s called).

Frank Ocean – ‘Biking’ (Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Jay-Z)

Play this when you’ve woken up and the sun’s shining just right through your windows with that slightly orange glow where the glare doesn’t hurt and you just want to lay on top of your bedsheets for a couple minutes lazily. Before you ride a bike somewhere, of course.

Leo Kalyan – ‘Versailles’

Play this when it’s you and a couple of friends hanging out and you have music playing in the background out of habit and you’ve just been talking about what happens after university finishes and you realize that it’s almost four in the morning, but you all just want to sit and listen to something quietly.

Dermot Kennedy – ‘Boston’

Play this when you’re bored of playing Bon Iver’s older albums and have forgotten, yet again, the name of that song by Amber Run that you like, but are in the mood for a bit less falsetto.

 Thundercat – ‘Drunk’ (Album)

I’m cheating by including an album, instead of picking one song, but the album is so brilliant altogether. Play this when you want something strange and brilliant and difficult and fun to listen to on headphones while you take a train any distance that takes longer than fifty minutes to get to.

Don’t Bother Searching These Out To Listen To Them

Harry Styles – ‘Sign of the Times’

No need to search this one out because there’s no way you won’t hear it anyway. Sounds too much like ‘November Rain’ but without any massive guitar solo pay-off, and also shorter. Not necessarily a bad song, though. Just meh. But stuck in my head.

DNCE – ‘Kissing Strangers’ (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

One of the most subdued hook currently being played on the radio, second only to the half-hearted “doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo” in the first half of The Chainsmoker’s ‘Something Just Like This’. Especially underwhelming in the wake of how fun ‘Cake By The Ocean’ was.



Samuel Barker

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