The birth of the middle aged student

74% of Holloway students will be drinking tea while in their pyjamas this Saturday night

By Emily May Webber

Disclaimer: I am writing this drinking a cup of Tesco Finest tea on a Saturday night.

The student. A being that involves surviving a week off a tin of beans, crawling into bed at 5am on a weekday, and going to edgy house parties, well, just because they can. However, whilst feeling a sense of sorrow over the lack of pesto in the fridge, I realised how middle aged the millennial student had actually become. With a campus university, in the sleepy town of Egham, could it just be part of the Royal Holloway experience? Is there such a thing anymore as partying all weekend whilst crashing on your mutual friend’s sofa, or have we become that person sipping loose-leaf tea whilst watching a 2007 episode of ‘Escape to the Country’?

So, why are we becoming more inclined to stay in rather than downing a dirty pint in the back garden of a run down student abode? Yes, Royal Holloway is not exactly the most upbeat place to be a student, yet even on a Friday night, the effort, cost and hangover of Saturday is something most of us can only stomach once a week. It may just be a stereotype attached to the ‘student’ persona. Yet, with houmous becoming an essential and delight in freshly washed sheets becoming something of a weekly pleasure, are we destroying what it means to be a true student? Or are we just bored of overpriced drinks, sticky dance floors and cheap cider?

With this in mind, I decided to do my own research to see how many of us have turned into our mothers, or could there be some die-hard students still out there. A poll was put on the main Royal Holloway message board. The question was: ‘On a typical Saturday night, what are you most likely to be doing at Royal Holloway?’

  1. Partying at Medicine or in the London area
  2. Drinking with friends or in a pub
  3. A quiet night out e.g. a meal or cinema trip
  4. Film, duvet and a cup of tea

Of those who answered, 74% are sporting their best pyjamas with a very British cup of tea on a wild Saturday evening. The even spilt of 13% goes to the ultimate middle-aged night out, of a civilised meal, with the likelihood of being home by 9pm. The other half is drinking with friends, most likely a glass of Merlot or for the true students out there, a can of Strongbow may be present. Not surprisingly, the classic student Saturday night out is a very poor 0%.

As Royal Holloway’s main student night out, it is likely that most go out on a Wednesday or Friday. However, is the Saturday night something of the past? Where have the days of wild house parties, and a Pot Noodle for Sunday lunch gone? A healthy lifestyle is not something to be ashamed of, yet, let go of the perfect and embrace the student you are.


Emily May Webber

Featured image courtesy of foodisthebestshitever.

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