Review: March singles, from boring to brilliant

Alt-J’s 3WW: “An almost completely uninteresting song that creeps along, only to never actually go anywhere.”

By Sam Barker

At the time of writing this, thankfully, Ed Sheeran’s new album is no longer entirely dominating the charts. He only has 14 songs in the global top 50 according to Spotify. He is, nonetheless, nigh on inescapable. So much so that an argument could be made that it’s hard to find anything else to listen to. Well, here are some other songs to listen to – or not listen to for that matter.

Also at the time of this writing, one of my hearing-aids had decided to stop working, so the below is the opinion of ‘That One Half-Deaf Music Critic’ really.

3ww – Alt-J

An almost completely uninteresting song that creeps along, only to never actually go anywhere. You would be better off listening to almost anything else by the band, frankly.

Chanel – Frank Ocean

Regardless of whether or not I think Frank Ocean can do any wrong, which he can’t, everyone should be listening to this song just so they can get another brilliant dose of Frank Ocean’s lyrics and vocal delivery. Want something more upbeat? Listen to ‘Slide’ by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos. What other songs could you possibly need right now besides these two?

Pork Soda – Glass Animals

Stupidly fun, stupidly catchy, and stupidly weird. ‘Pork Soda’ is a song full of strange images and noises that can successfully make a half-deaf man dance around on his bed. Don’t listen to it without the left-hand channel, though, as you may wonder – as I did – where the vocals went.

Liability – Lorde

If Lorde’s previous single, ‘Green Light,’ had been injected full of emotion and stripped back to the most basic instrumental possible, it might have sounded a little like this. A gorgeous slow-building vocal melody leads to Lorde drawing out the word “everyone” in such a way that is sure to get stuck in everyone’s head, leading them to wonder a few months from now what that song is that goes ‘a-na-na-na everyone’. It is a lot better than that description makes it out to be, I promise.


Featured image from the music video to Alt-J’s single “3WW”

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