Interview: AIRWAYS

By Charlie Catmull

Charlie Catmull interviews the band AIRWAYS at Camden Assembly, February 9, 2017. With Jake Daniels (Vocals and Guitar,) Alex Ruggiero (Guitar), Brian Moroney (Drums), and Jamie Reynolds (Bass).

This interview has been edited for length.


Q: So how did you guys meet?

Jake: I went out to America in 2015 to do some song writing and stuff and at my managers house I met Brian and then we just clicked. He said he played the drums, so we decided to form a band and he moved to Peterborough. Bit of a downgrading really (laughs). And then we recruited Alex who was at uni in Nottingham at the time.

Q: What was it like juggling this and uni?

Alex: Well I didn’t really juggle it. I literally dropped out.

Jake: We hadn’t even played our first show by the time he dropped out.

Alex: I got offered this placement at fucking Peterborough city council to do f*cking marketing, like f*cking hell I have to do this for a year. I had just split up with my girlfriend as well so I was like ‘f*ck it, I’m gonna do it’ and I just joined the band.

 Q: What was it like when you started out at first, when you first all got together?

Jake: It was terrible (whole band laughs)

Brian:  Me and [Jake] were wondering how we were going to teach these guys how to play guitar.

 Q: They taught you how to play?

Brian: We spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room.

Jake: 9 to 5. We made my garage into a rehearsal space and just annoyed the neighbours.

 Q: When did you do your first gigs and stuff, what was that like?

Jake: October 2015 I think it was.

Jamie: We booked a ton of random shows

 Q: What was that first gig like?

Jake: It was scary. we’d never played a gig before and we were sh*tting ourselves.

Brian: But you have to get it out of the way. We just did a bunch of those shows to kind of get us in to it.

Jake: We were sh*t for a while.

Brian: But it just takes time and we just kept practicing –

Alex: We still are sh*t (laughs).

Brian: – and we eventually got a few support shows.

 Q: How did you land that support stuff?

Brian: After we released our first song, ‘Ghost Town’ we got picked up by Matt from Primary Talent, and he got us our first big support tour, which was with this band called the Hunna. It was really good for us as we got to play the Electric Ballroom.

Alex: 14 shows in 3 weeks. It was like a crash course.

 Q: You were flung straight into it I guess.

Brian: Yeah we played with Sunset Sons on tour and they heard our music, so some of it’s been word of mouth and some of it’s through a booking agent. It’s an amalgamation of both.

 Q: What’s it like discovering people that know your stuff already?

Jamie: It’s a really cool feeling.

Brian: Especially with how much time and money we’ve put in to the process, anyone that comes up to us and is excited about it is just the best thing. It’s the only thing we can ask for really.

 Q: What’s the reaction been like so far on this mini tour?

Jake: Yesterday was mental, we didn’t expect it on our first headline show, we sold like 180 tickets! I think because we only have 2 songs out, obviously we only have an 8 song set, so it’s still like no one knows the songs. It’s almost a bit weird as we are still trying to win them over with the songs. But it was a really good reaction, for ‘One Foot’ it was really cool.

 Q: Have you got anything coming up?

Jake: We are releasing a single at the end of February and we are going to America, to South by South West, and a lot more to come!


Featured image courtesy of AIRWAYS on Facebook.

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