Party DJ

By That One Deaf Music Critic

I’m terrible at parties.

Well, rather, I’m terrible at parties when I’ve given a certain responsibility: the music. You would think, perhaps, that it would come easily to me. I’m a music kind of guy. I spend most of my time listening to music, and a fair portion of my time reading and writing about it as well. But put me on the spot at a party by giving me the aux cord of the Bluetooth-connected phone and I will inevitably manage to play ten songs in two minutes, annoy half the crowd, and then give up and either put on some 90’s sing-along YouTube playlist, or put on ‘Sexual’ by NEIKED and hand off the phone to someone else. This is not to say that I don’t know any party songs or listen to any party song, though the argument could be made that referring to them as ‘party’ song means I probably don’t, it’s just that when you’re put on the spot you forget everything.

Comedian Billy Eichner has a show on website Funny or Die and TV channel TruTV, called Billy On the Street. In the show he shouts questions at random people in New York City; his over-enthusiastic, exasperatedly sarcastic tone at once upsetting and stunning the recipients of such simple questions and requests as ‘name a skin color’, ‘name three white people’, and ‘children’s TV show or musician?’ Eichner’s show functions at times as a vehicle of silliness, and at other times as an attempt to draw attention to racial issues in pop culture, and especially Hollywood, but always through the lens of in-your-face questioning. Eichner skillfully capitalizes on the fact that, in stressful situations, when asked to immediately come up with an answer to, or example of, something, our brains seem to freeze. Well put a phone or laptop in my hand and tell me to pick a song for the party and you might as well be Billy Eichner screaming ‘what? are you crazy?’ after every possible song choice that runs through my head.

All that said, there’s something pretty brilliant about picking that one song that everyone vibes to, regardless of whether or not they know it, and locking right in to the mood of the party.

– insert paraphrased ‘Rock DJ’ lyric here for cute, yet eye-rolling, ending.


That One Deaf Music Critic

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