How to make a New Year’s resolution and keep it

By Jessie Hayes

January arrives with such a cold shock that it’s difficult to stick to any goal that isn’t staying in a warm bed. Now that we’ve given 2017 a little time to settle in there is more chance of sticking to any resolutions made – and the ones that we’d suggest are as low maintenance as you can get.

Waking up earlier

The easiest way to get into this gradually is just to set your goal as to wake up when the sun rises. This sounds horrifically early but it’s the easiest to do at this time of year, sunrise is around 8am and then, as the year progresses, you’ll find the habit easier. Another tip is to tell yourself you don’t have to be out of bed at this time, just that you have to be awake. Starting your morning slowly with a cup of tea and a look at last night’s Snapchat stories gives you a bit of time to wake up before your housemates start arguing over whose pile of dishes is dirtiest.

Less social media

Now, calm down. The aim here isn’t to get rid of it outright, but to make sure that when you are using it, you’re using it actively – and not just aimlessly lurking. One way to reduce the amount of time you’re on social media sites without a specific need to be is to delete the apps on your phone. This sounds horrendous but if you keep the communication ones like Messenger and WhatsApp, you can use your browser to access Facebook and Twitter if you really need to whilst out and about. Not having the apps simply makes it a little more difficult to find yourself accidentally scrolling for hours.

Stay on top of your workload

With a huge workload it can be easy to feel as though getting through it is going to be impossible, and to then end up leaving things until you really can’t put them off any longer ie. The Last Minute. To make the impossible seem doable, try shortening your goals and the timeframe you work in. Instead of seeing the month you have to write 5000 words, see the hour you have before Toast that night to write 250. If you’re awful at motivating yourself when a deadline seems far away, try setting an alarm for just 10 minutes and aiming for 100 words. It’ll feel like you’ve achieved more than if you focus on the overall goal of 5000, and it’ll make it easier to get motivated early on.

So, if you do want to make resolutions this year, make them achievable and make them positive, rather than aiming to restrict yourself from something. 2016 was tough enough, and so praising yourself for trying to improve your everyday routine is a good way to gear up for an unpredictable 2017.


Jessie Hayes

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