Bears Take On Varsity: An Interview With Steff Milne   

By Elizabeth Silverberg

Steff Milne, Co-President of Sports and Development made the exciting announcement of Royal Holloway’s first ever varsity, happening in 2017! This exciting news was announced on the infamous Bears Night, on Monday 3rd October, where Steff came on stage and showed us the Varsity video which highlighted some of the sports clubs which would be included. To help everyone understand more about this new development, I interviewed Steff about the ins and outs of this exciting event.


Elizabeth Silverberg: For those who don’t know, could you explain what ‘Varsity’ actually is?

Steff Milne: Varsity is a basically a big day of sport where one university competes against another in all sports in one day!

E: What inspired you to try and arrange varsity matches for the Bears?

S: Varsity is something which I think has been missing from our sports offering for a long time. It’s a huge event at many universities around the country so it was just about finding an appropriate opponent for the Bears to rival. I think Surrey is a great choice!

E: Is Varsity at Royal Holloway likely to become an annual event? 

S: Definitely! After this year we would love to continue our Varsity series and make it a big event in our calendar for the year.

E: Do you think one day that it might be on a similar scale to that of other Varsity matches; such as the Oxford/Cambridge Varsity?

S: Who knows? We could eventually have a Surrey Varsity series on our hands!

E: What sports clubs will be included in the Varsity matches? 

S: A huge range of our clubs will be involved in Varsity this year, we are also hoping to incorporate some societies in the event too! We want to get as many people involved as possible.

E: When will the fixtures be announced? 

S: We are currently in discussions with Surrey about the logistics of the event and Sarah, our Sports Club coordinator, will be working with them on the fixtures for the event!

E: When will Varsity take place?

S: 29th March 2017 – Save the date!

E: Where will Varsity take places? 

S: This year we will be away at Surrey Sports Park!

E: To ensure there is support for the Bears, will there be transportation provided so supporters can go and watch the matches?

S: There sure will be. We will be busing as many people over to Surrey Sports Park as we can so that the Bears have the support they deserve!

E: What are you most excited about Varsity? 

S: I can’t wait to see our bears out in force, watch us racking up the wins and see the huge hype around Varsity 2017 evolve! This will be the biggest sporting day of the year and will be a chance for the Bears to show the Stags whose boss!


Steff has put a lot of effort in organising the Varsity for the Bears. It has been such a successful concept for other universities, so is likely to become a major event for the Bears calendar. We will be keeping you up to date on the development of Varsity, which is likely to become the biggest sporting event of the year. Go Bears!


Elizabeth Silverberg

This article was published in our October 2016 issue.

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