The Long Waitrose is Over

Delayed plans for the construction of a Waitrose store are to go ahead in Egham. The original scheme, to build a 36,000sq-ft Waitrose and 80-room Travelodge, was stalled last year when local businesses became concerned that the complex would restrict parking and access for deliveries. The new Waitrose will be built behind Egham High Street on what is currently
Church Road car park. The revised plans include a new 24-hour secure underground car park that allows delivery access to the High Street and parking for up to 180 vehicles.

The £35 million development is being managed by Albermarle Investment Solutions. The firm owns 6 residential and 18 retail properties in Egham, including the buildings housing Café Nero, Subway, Specsavers, and Ladbrokes. Purchased in 2007, the properties provide a £615,000/year rental income for Albermarle.

The presence of a Waitrose has long been considered the mark of a good Surrey town. Egham’s neighbouring towns, Sunningdale, Windsor and Staines, have all had Waitrose supermarkets for many years. The opening of a Waitrose in Egham is widely considered by many to be a much-needed improvement that should bring shoppers into the town and provide another 200 jobs in the area. The site will be leased to Waitrose for 20 years and Travelodge for 25 years. Construction should begin in February.

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