Teen Death in Surrey linked to ‘Fatal Drug’

An eighteen-year-old man, who has been named by the police as Charlie Barker, has died after taking a Class A drug at a party in Surrey on 23rd February.

Charlie Barker, who lived in Farnham, is believed to have taken 2C-I or 2C-E whilst at a party on Cobham Common, and he died shortly afterwards.

Although the post-mortem tests do not yet conclusively show the drug to be the cause of death and inquiries are continuing, the drug, which has similar effects to ecstasy and  amphetamines is thought to be responsible for Barker’s death, and has been described as a ‘fatal drug’ by Surrey Police.

Surrey Police are also urging anybody else who thinks they might have taken the substance to seek medical help immediately if they experience any strange symptoms or general illness. Temp Supt. Matt Goodridge has released a statement: ‘Our advice is to go to A&E immediately if you believe you took this drug and start to exhibit worrying symptoms. Similarly, if you think you have taken this drug elsewhere and start to feel unwell, our advice is to seek urgent medical attention.’

A further statement was given on behalf of Surrey Police regarding finding those responsible for supplying the drug: ‘We have carried out extensive inquiries following the tragic death of this young man and the fact that we have already made two arrests demonstrates our commitment to tackling the use and supply of illegal drugs.’

Two people have been arrested so far in connection with Barker’s death. A twenty-year-old man was arrested in Gloucestershire and an eighteen-year-old woman in Bristol. Both have been arrested on suspicion of supplying controlled drugs and manslaughter, and they have now been bailed until March.

Charlie Barker’s mother Trudy Barker has made a statement saying that her son was ‘confident and warm as a child and had grown to become a thoughtful, artistic and caring young man.’ She also added that ‘both at his place of work and at college he was loved by all.’

Chief Inspector Alison Barlow is urging the public to aid their investigation so that they can get ‘this potentially fatal drug off the street of Surrey’.

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