2013 SURHUL election nominees declared

SURHUL has released the list of nominees for the upcoming elections. Competition is fiercest for the position of Vice President of Education and Welfare, though 10 other positions, comprising the large majority of the Executive Committee, are going uncontested.

Incumbents Jamie Green (VPComCam) and Ian Stewart (VPSA) will be campaigning to retain their current Sabbatical positions, though Stewart will be up against four other candidates (Angus Wyatt, Elizabeth Scott-Wilson, Gareth Berry and Temitayo Awoniyi), and Green will be fighting on two fronts as he also campaigns for ULU Campaigns and Activist Development Officer.

After last year’s uncontested election, The Orbital editorship is being fought between its current Deputy Editor, Alex Pegler, its Lifestyle Editor Simon Rawlings, and its Comment Editor Stephen Atkinson. Orbital Editor Shambolic Ninja Penguin (The Editor Formerly Known As Julian Farmer), is hoping to move outlet, running for head of Insanity against Archie Macleod.

Campaigning officially begins Friday 1st March, and the elections will take place on March 7th and 8th. Over the next fortnight The Founder will be providing coverage of as many candidates as possible.

Election gossip can be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #surhulelects.

The list of nominees is as follows:


Amarbeer Singh Gill

Craig Gent

Joe Rayment

Vice President Education & Welfare

Alice Branson

April Heath

Chelsea Donelon

Joanne Fishburn

Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton

Zaynah Sheikh

Vice President Communications & Campaigns

Jamal Johnson

Jamie Green

Vice President Student Activities

Angus Wyatt

Elizabeth Scott-Wilson

Gareth Berry

Ian Stewart

Temitayo Awoniyi

Student Trustee

Samir Akhtar

Union Chair

Alex Cadier

Matthew Chadkirk

Democracy Officer

Hannah Strathern

Entertainments Officer

Hannah Wilde

Balraj Singh Dhanda

Women & Marginalised Genders’ Officer

Victoria Butcher

LGBT+ Officer

Jack Saffery-Rowe

Black & Minority Ehtnic Officer

Hodan Elmi

Academic Affairs Officer

Chris Wall

Communcations Officer

Zosia Edwards

Campaigns Officer

Andrew Mitchell

Sports Officer

Theresa Feddersen

Societies Officer

Young Kuk Noh

Brianna Middleton MacPherson

The Orbital Editor

Alex Pegler

Simon Rawlings

Stephen Atkinson

Insanity Radio Station Manager

Archie Macleod

Shambolic Ninja-Penguin

Rhubarb-TV Station Manager

Ashna Hurynag

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