Holloway gets a bit more Royal

The Queen has awarded Royal Holloway’s Department of Music with a prestigious Regius Professorship. The award came as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this January. Only two Regius Professorships have been awarded in the past century. It was announced in October that the professorships would feature in the Queen’s January awards to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Royal Holloway is now one of only twelve universities who have been awarded the highly sought after Professorship. The Department of Music is able to assign the title of Regius Professor to their chosen professor. The award is given as recognition for an exceptionally high quality of teaching and research. A panel of eminent academics advised Ministers on who they believed should receive the award, which was then given by the Queen.

The Principal of Royal Holloway Professor Paul Layzell commented on the award: “This is an incredible achievement and I am delighted that our outstanding research and teaching has been given world-class recognition by the Queen, ministers and leading academics. It is an honour that our Department of Music richly deserves and reflects the talents of the entire staff.”

The Head of the Music Department Julian Johnson also commented, “It is a great honour to have the title of Regius Professor bestowed upon the department and wonderful to hear that the quality of our teaching and research has been recognised in this way.”

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