EP Review: ‘Tonight’ – Tourist

Tourist EPExcited doesn’t quite do justice to how I felt about the release of Tourist’s ‘Tonight’ EP. I first heard of its producer, William Phillips, when I stumbled across his track ‘Your Girl’ last year, which blew me away with its absolute perfection.  Have a listen for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laasoy84YLY.

‘Tonight’ then had a lot to live-up to in my mind at least. Each track feels carefully cultivated and thoroughly coxed towards excellence. Emphasising on build-up and melody, the EPs title track demonstrates Phillips’s ability to create distinct yet assimilated layers of music with each intricately designed. ‘I Have No Fear’ and ‘Never Stop’ are two more blinding tracks; the former showing there’s no need to confine music to the typical linear pattern by using reversed samples of a piano being played. The haunting ‘Heartbeats’ rounds-off the EP with a melancholic vocal sample transcending the piece to create a standout track. In essence, this is an electronic masterpiece.

Definitely one to watch in 2013, you can stream the EP on SoundCloud now: http://soundcloud.com/touristmusic/tonight/.

Available for download: 18th February.

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