Scrappy Dappy

Famed rap music artist of the group ‘N-Dubz’ was recently in Guildford Crown Court following accusations of assault and affray. He was found guilty of assault by beating, the jury having ascertained that he had spat on one man. However, he was cleared of two further counts of common assault pertaining to actions towards two women.

DNA evidence successfully identified saliva on the male victim’s clothing matching that of the accused artist, who still fervently denies spitting on anyone.

The two women further claimed that Dappy (Costadinos Contostavlos) had asked the two join him in his vehicle, which they refused to do. The brawl reportedly occurred after the artist had spat at the two women, although this remained a contented claim.

Two additional male co-defendants were tried, although only one was convicted of affray. The jury heard that the aforementioned man and two other male friends sustained serious facial injuries, and that the fight involved a group of nine men.

Sentencing is set to occur in mid-February; until then the two convicted men have been released on bail. Another defendant had also pleaded guilty to affray and will be sentenced with the duo.

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