Album review: ‘¡Dos!’ – Green Day

Whether it’s due to anger, resentment of just general shenanigans, the trio are delivering a record that devours its way into a chaotic world of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Mischievous female characters are regularly involved in the record: ‘Ashley’ is a comeback to an ex-girlfriend, packed with snarky, cold remarks; a female vocalist predominantly leads the dark but equally compelling ‘Nightlife’ with its dark rap–rock tinge; or the vicious ‘Lady Cobra’ with thrashing and distorted guitars demolishing the track.

Violence does not fully dominate the record-there are traces of love, exhilaration and idleness. ‘Stray Heart’, an upbeat love song with a Jam-like intro, echoing ‘ A Town Calles Malice’ and ‘Lazy Bones’, a celebration of idleness, are a pleasant break from the rampage the band is transmitting.

The final track ‘Amy’, dedicated to Amy Winehouse, subdues the hectic and chaotic atmosphere. Stripped down to Armstrong’s soft vocals and a mellow guitar, ¡Dos! ends on a nostalgic and emotional note.  Although some tracks seem slightly repetitive and imitate some musical riffs or sequences, there are a handful of songs that make it an acceptable sequel to the trilogy.

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