RHUL volunteering links to local community

Volunteering, as we all know, means offering your help willingly and happily without expecting anything back. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested or enjoy what you are doing.

Volunteering has been made easy to engage with as a student, due to the existence of Community Action at Royal Holloway which has a whole range of different options. As an international student I especially have been impressed by the wide selection of volunteering in projects that interest me.

The Community Action international team recently came up with the International Kitchen Project (which is great as I love cooking!). The project aims to provide local school children and young people from youth centres with the opportunity to experience exciting cooking activities, learn about the diversity and attractions of international cuisine, taste the traditional dishes of different countries as well as use their own initiatives and creativity while preparing the food. During this process the volunteers also give the young students interesting facts about their country and also their eating habits! This is very exciting as it enables international students to get fully involved and to get together in groups and make exciting international dishes for younger kids who can get involved and learn about the different nations represented at Royal Holloway. At the end of the day it’s all fun and games for both the volunteers and the young people (except if a food fight breaks out – which may still be fun for us all!). Generally the International Kitchen Project is a great way for international students to get involved in the local community, which is good because there are quite a number of nationalities here at Royal Holloway.

There really is something for everyone, but if you do have an idea, or a suggestion, or simply want to find out more we would love to hear from you. The Community Action team is now running regular weekly drop-in sessions in venues across campus or you could email volunteering@rhul.ac.uk

To find out more about volunteering with Community Action visit the website at www.rhul.ac.uk/volunteering or the ‘RHUL Community Action’ Facebook page.

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