EP review: Iron – Joe Banfi

Joe Banfi

The fantastic new EP by Joe Banfi, opens with his emotionally charged vocals in ‘Guts and Bones.’ As the track builds with the backing violin, eerie guitar riffs; the drums come into play and his raw and powerful vocals push to the forefront of the song before ending in an abrupt fashion after the crazed percussion. A sombre introduction of oohs and ahhs and Banfi’s quiet voice, ‘Where did you sleep last night, comes through beautifully. Banfi’s version of this song, popularized by Kid Cudi’s side project WZRD; fits his aesthetic and vocal perfectly. Not only are the lyrics as sombre as his own, but his borderline schizophrenic vocals allow the listener to full appreciate his voice as it ranges from smooth tones to a gravelly hardened voice. ‘See You At Home,’ commences with a simple and elegant guitar riff, supporting his near pitch-perfect vocal, coupled together, the song emits a beautiful melancholia that provides an air of contemplation. Haunting melodies and it’s winter theme, ‘Iron’ gives the EP the great end it deserves. As the song begins, it slowly brings the listener out of a quiet place and it builds to a frenetic peak, similar to the famous track in the ’28 Days Later’ soundtrack where the world has ended. The mad percussion ends and Banfi ends his EP with a nice soft touch.

This EP is a great introduction to this new folk singer. His ability to manipulate his vocal chords showcase the way he allows the listener to go through a variety of different emotions. It’s a sad shame that the EP is as short as it is, but leaving us to salivate for more of his hauntingly beautiful songs is definitely a better option than adding worthless tracks to the EP. For the upcoming and probably blisteringly cold winter; Banfi’s new EP serves as a perfect soundtrack to the days where all we really want to do is curl up in bed and forget what is happening on the other side of the glass window.

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