Have you got Eton Style?

Photograph by Darren Smith

It was only uploaded yesterday, but already ‘Eton Style’ has accumulated over 100,000 views on YouTube. A parody of the worldwide sensation ‘Gangnam Style’, it follows a group of Etonians dressed in their tailcoats and white ties rapping about money, frustration and social awkwardness. The boys claim, “can’t talk to women, although we try, we’re just too shy – if you approach us then we just break down and cry”; I can’t testify to the accuracy of that statement, but the self-depreciation is amusing.

Perhaps the boys were a little late to the ‘Gangnam Style’ party with hundreds of parodies already flooding the internet? Well who cares? ‘Eton Style’ is hilarious.

The video features Etonian landmarks such as the Eton Bridge Eton Wall, and Windsor’s Long Walk, not to mention some shots of the prestigious school itself. So as the video caption reads, ‘here is a hearty gift from the lads over at jolly old Eton to you’, all I can think to say is thanks boys; now Boris Johnson isn’t the necessarily the funniest thing to come out of Eton.


Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FtZkVRkusQ



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