In midst of cuts, Hammond finds money to fund military rehab

In the midst of the recent Tory conference, George Osborne made an announcement of cutting £10 billion in benefits to help reduce the government’s deficit. In the face of these cuts Philip Hammond, Ministry of Defence and local MP for the constituency of Runnymede and Weybridge has announced that the government will be providing £5 million to the Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre in Epsom, Surrey. The funds will aid the centre in infrastructure, treatment with amputee and polytrauma patients. Mr. Hammond is doing his part in ensuring the armed forces of the United Kingdom are getting the treatment they deserve.

Hedley Court has been providing aid for soldiers since World War II and, has been the home and underpinning source of many injured members of the armed forces who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is important that the government is giving aid to such an institution when Britain is relinquishing its duties in Afghanistan in 2014. Rehabilitation allows for a life that is deserved beyond Afghanistan which is quickly coming to a close.

Recently, Philip Hammond has come under substantial criticisms for decisions that were made in July on how the future of the military is going to be shaped. He stated the future of the military by 2020 will be a “forward-looking, modern fighting machine”, well this modern fighting machine is going to be much smaller than the current. The number of regular troops is set to fall from 102,000 to 82,000. There is much speculation that this could harm Britain in the future to defend itself properly. In 1978 during the height of the Cold War Britain had 182,000 troops; with the new changes it will be about half that in 2020.

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