Film and Media Societies on Campus

Imagine this: it is the first week of term. You are still unaware if you will have to run across campus every Tuesday because your lectures have been arranged in one massive block of six hours. Aiming to prevent yourself from imagining such disturbing situations, you go on a walk across campus and maybe visit the Freshers Fayre. Hoping to find societies based on the idea of film and media, you are suddenly confronted by the multitude of societies and clubs in Royal Holloway.

There are several such societies on campus but perhaps in the busy first week of term you did not grasp all the aims and details, which distinguish them from one another and make them so unique and interesting. In order to rectify this, here are several of the film and media societies on campus, which may attract your attention if you are a film fan or interested in gaining some practical experience in the process of filmmaking.


The Media Arts Society

First in the list comes the Media Arts Society, which is a strictly departmental society, found independently from the SU and completely supported by their department and staff. It is set up by Media Arts students and for Media Arts students, aiming to bring students from different years together. In order to achieve this it organises weekly screenings and socials, encouraging students to interact and maybe work together on projects of their own in the future. Since one of its goals is showcasing films made by Media Arts students, a film festival is planned for each term with an awards ceremony held at the end.

Although it is restricted to Media Arts students only, students who are not part of that department can still join the film club.

Finally, the Media Arts Society wants to not only develop student talent but also to improve the relationship between students and the departmental staff.


The Film Festival Society

Unlike the Media Arts Society, the Film Festival Society is open for students from other departments, who are interested in film. It not only unites people interested in film but also aims to promote student filmmaking talent, irrelevant of students’ degrees. Encouraging creative individuals to gain more practical experience and skills, the Film Festival Society helps students create their own portfolios and skills, which they can apply outside university, once they enter the ‘real’ world. Its plan is to show student films on national and international festivals. Among its other aims is uniting not only students but joining different creative departments through the medium of film and even launching a film festival of their own.

The Film Festival Society tries to enhance students’ creative abilities and also to educate and help students learn from each other.


The World Cinema Society

The World Cinema Society has been on campus for several years and it is obviously based on its interest in film and culture, and bringing the university community together. It obviously succeeds in doing the latter, since it has PhD students and departmental staff on its organising board as well as undergraduates. In addition, sessions held by the World Cinema Society are frequently visited by academics from departments like Maths, Physics and Computer Science, helping to create a diverse environment where academics and students can freely interact.

Living up to its name, the society shows films by a wide range of talented, world-renowned filmmakers such as Sergio Leone, Emir Kusturica, Guillermo del Torro, Michael Haneke, Nikita Mihalkov, Wong Kar-Wai only to name a few. Therefore, it not only brings members of the University community with common interest in international films and culture but also educates by looking at films from perspectives different from those of filmmakers.

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