Album review: Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow – We Are the Ocean

flickr/Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano 

Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow marks a turning point for We Are the Ocean, who return a man down and with a slightly different direction. Adapting to a change as drastic as losing a member is never going to be an easy transition, especially when you make the decision not to replace them. Thankfully though, We Are the Ocean’s latest effort is still a refreshing and rewarding listen for old and new fans alike.

Although technically less adventurous than its predecessors, Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is a more refined version of the band’s proven formula. The departure of former vocalist Dan Brown takes with him the guitar-reliant, heavier sound that the band has built their fan base upon. However, in stepping up to the plate as full-time vocalist, Liam Cromby does a great deal to compensate for this with sheer vocal presence and a colossal range, recalling at times the masterful Frank Turner (listen to ‘Pass Me By’ for further reference).

And that’s not the only improvement. The record covers a lot of untapped ground and displays a greater variety of songs than their previous efforts; from the Nirvana-esque ‘Bleed’ to the soft, acoustic vibe of album closer ‘Chin Up, Son’. Lyrically the album is also more complex, with more personal and introverted themes being explored throughout. ‘Young Heart’, in particular, packs a resonant wallop as a tribute to the parents that got them to where they are today.

Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is a step in the right direction for We Are the Ocean, and while the band may be treading different territory, they deliver a convincing and well-rounded record. Though it may lack the immediate impact of Cutting Our Teeth (2010) or Go Now and Live (2011), Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is, after multiple listens, an engaging and immersive experience – fully showcasing their considerable talents and demonstrating the maturity of a band reaching the prime of their career.

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