Album review: Battle Born – The Killers


This month saw the release of the long-awaited fourth studio album from The Killers. Peaking at number one in the UK album chart, Battle Born is confirmation of the evolution of the band’s sound since the rock/pop of Hot Fuss back in 2004. Over the years, the albums have varied a bit in sound and theme but this latest release is a must for fans of second album Sam’s Town.

It has everything you would expect from Brandon Flowers and co: Catchy choruses, inspiring guitar riffs and, of course, the odd reference to Las Vegas and the desert thrown in for good luck. It is great to see The Killers have not forgotten where they came from, despite their great success. The name of the album is taken from the Nevada state flag and is also the name of the recording studios owned by the band. They have certainly proved that Vegas is not all about gambling and waking up with a tiger in your bathroom; it is also the home of musical greatness.

It is hard to escape the repeated plays of single ‘Runaways’ on the radio recently. Since this summer’s V Festival, The Killers have hit the ground running in terms of publicity. Even walking through the London underground it’s easy to spot the (rather beautiful) album cover plastered over the walls.

Be sure to check out the band’s new website (, where they invite you to take the new album for a spin and bring your Facebook friends along for the ride. There’s nothing better than cruising through the desert and listening to Flowers’ vocals singing out such poetic lyrics as “You gotta know that this is real, baby, why you wanna fight it? It’s the one thing you can choose”.

Tracks to check out are ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ and ‘Flesh and Bone’. Now here’s to the next four albums!

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