Album review: Come of Age – The Vaccines


The Vaccines have at last returned with their highly-anticipated second album. Come Of Age shows how The Vaccines have developed from a typical one-album-wonder-indie-band into a more substantial musical group. Whilst the lead track ‘No Hope’ illustrates more accomplished riffs and drums from Freddie Cowan and Pete Robertson, it is ‘I Always Knew’ that truly showcases their progress. From the song’s beginning, the combination of a galloping drum beat and wily guitar playing have the listener hooked until a chorus resembling a musical explosion, all to which you are dancing along.

However, there are some lyrical-calamities on the record, demonstrating The Vaccines’ need for a little more inspiration.  Although ‘I Wish I Was A Girl’ details a bitter tale, it is, at times, lyrically sloppy. Lines such as “Life is easy when you’re easy on the eye” and a long list of fashion designers feels like the band were filling space rather than thinking of lyrics.

Regardless of the musical development The Vaccines have made, their ability to produce infectious songs hasn’t faltered at all, leading to a legion of new fans. Singles ‘No Hope’ and ‘Teenage Icon’ are testament to this, with their catchy riffs inviting fans to dance and sing proving popular on the festival circuit (especially at Reading 2012). The infectious choruses that The Vaccines produced on their debut are still present with the track ‘Change Of Heart Pt. 2’ sounding like a possible off-cut from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

As a whole The Vaccines have evolved since their debut album by displaying more musical substance than previous efforts have revealed. Though sadly you are left questioning whether producing a second album so quickly (in approximately 18 months) compromised its overall quality.

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