Up and Coming


So much good music is coming out of the US right now that I am beginning to worry that we are losing our crown in the world for new music. This feeling of despair was reinforced when I heard Bleached. Yikes! Can I tell you how excited I am by these California girls with bleached white hair? When I first heard their work on SoundCloud I had goosebumps. They’re like the best of Beach Boys, only with a more generous dose of oestrogen.

Having just finished supporting Veronica Falls on a tour across the US, Jennifer and Jessica Calvin are steadily gaining recognition. They’re currently on their own Europe-wide tour (two dates in London in May alone, one at East London talent-pool, the Shacklewell Arms).

NME compares them to Fleetwood Mac, but I disagree; they’re cooler than anything Fleetwood ever did. Their song ‘Dazed’ even gives off a Sonic-Youth vibe; watch the video, it’s just a camera shoot of a girl dancing in a mirage of red. So cool I want to cry. VM


Talking of a lack good UK acts, Peace are an exception. They have just signed to Columbia records, with a full-length album due in 2013. They have just come off a monster 48-date supporting Manic Street Preachers and the Mystery Jets. Only two songs have been released so far: ‘Follow Baby’ and ‘Bblood’. Word of warning: best not to watch the video for Bblood with a hangover.

Is their music reminiscent of early Stone Roses stuff? Little bit of the Horrors? I am not sure. Either way, I think their Facebook tagline says it all: ‘Music to f**k you in the heart.’ VM

Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men show a lot of promise in bringing chart success to popular folk music again. Outside of Björk and Sigur Rós, I didn’t think that Iceland had much to offer musically-speaking before realising that Of Monsters and Men are from there.

For fans of Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes, Of Monsters and Men offers energetic tunes, sensitive lyrics and catchy choruses. They’re playing a number of shows across the country including Reading, Leeds and Latitude festivals. An album My Head is An Animal due for release on 13th August.

The band’s first single ‘Little Talks’ evolves into a wonderfully layered concoction of trumpets, drums, guitars and soft vocals, punctuated with a good shout of ‘Hey!’ at regular intervals. The track includes lyrics such as ‘I don’t like walking around this old empty house/ So hold my hand, I’ll walk with you my dear’ and ‘tell her that I miss our little talks’, which is both quaint and lyrically refreshing.  If you’re stuck inside working this summer, have a listen to Of Monsters and Men and it’ll take you dancing with friends in the sunshine, with a beer in hand. KO

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