Top five favourite albums

I’ve not thought too hard about my choices, because I thought my favourites should just pop into my head, so after a scroll through my iTunes library, I have my top 5.

1. 100 Broken Windows by Idlewild. The first band I got into. This is the most consistent example of Idlewild’s best work and is a great piece of pop-rock. Powerful guitars and strong drums make for some brilliant tunes. Lead vocalist Roddy Woomble’s solo work should not be passed up.



2. Let The Hard Times Roll by David Ford. Someone who has never quite made it, and quite content for it to stay that way, He’s a fantastic songwriter and great live. This is his most recent studio album, and probably his most accessible, but to fully appreciate David Ford listen to State of The Union live.



3. Leaders Of The Free World by Elbow. By far, Elbow’s best album. Pre-dating the breakthrough album The Seldom Seen Kid and Build A Rocket Boys, LOTFW is the epitome of the Manchester outfit’s wholesome sound. Guy Garvey has a great natural singing voice and this showcases cutting lyrics, and fantastic percussion.


4. Songs From The Deep Forest by Duke Special. Peter Wilson has a talent for composing emphatic choruses and the orchestral sound of  piano, strings, drums, trumpets and percussion always impresses. Wilson’s Northern Irish accent provides for some very unique rhymes, making this an enthralling and captivating album.



5. If You’re Feeling Sinister by Belle & Sebastian. The album which saw me through hours of A-Level revision is a quiet, lo-fi affair. Although an unassuming set of songs, this album has real pace and an underlying energy which keeps me coming back for more again and again.



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