Album review: 2:54

In the last issue, we predicted 2:54 (sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow) as up and coming. Hotly tipped as a breakthrough act of the year, it’s hard to accept that barely 18 months ago, ‘2:54’ was a mere concept. It began with the name, apparently relating to the exact second of the Melvins’ History of Bad Men – and then a MySpace upload of their debut song ‘Creeping’. Thousands of plays later and the likes of NME, Mojo and SPIN started to catch on. The next minute they were collaborating with Rob Ellis, Mercury-winning producer behind the likes of PJ Harvey and Anna Calvi, on three songs, later extending to their debut album.

What 2:54 delivers is a set of sexy, thoughtful music. ‘Creeping’ features, naturally. ‘Sugar’ carries rolling baselines – reminiscent of Warpaint, the effect is deep and penetrating. In ‘Salute’ you can smell a little Garbage and suspended drums as Colette (elder sibling and lead vocalist) swoons ‘hand it all to me…’ You’d be forgiven for thinking she is quietly asking the world to take notice. Her throaty vocals are set apart in ‘Scarlet’: ‘You put the beat in my bones/It’s all I hear in my head/ You make it easy to see, it flows.’

The only notable missing piece is ‘On A Wire’; but if anything this enhances the excitement. The song isn’t there but the girls are simply making a ‘fuck you’ statement that shows they are ready, waiting and willing (albeit quietly) for the ensuing accolades. That said, watching interviews of the girls, you’d never be able to predict the grungy, solemn sound that emerges. Their debut album is reflective of their passion; beautifully formed, mature and gloriously artful.

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