Students strive for fair pay in universities

The youth branch of the Green Party, the Young Greens, has launched a campaign calling on university managers to decrease the gap between the highest and lowest paid workers on campuses.

The ‘Fair Pay Campus’ campaign aims to bring about pay equality in higher education and launched at The University of York earlier this month. The highest average top-to-bottom pay ratio in the public sector is 15:1, which campaigners deem unacceptable. The Young Greens are demanding that their universities publish top-to-bottom pay ratios, work towards a 1:10 multiple, pledge to pay workers and contractors a ‘living wage, and publish Vice Chancellor and senior management pay.

Lisa Camps, Young Greens Head of Campaigns said: “At a time of student fee hikes, public sector redundancies and cuts to university departments, increases in management pay are totally unacceptable. Vice Chancellor pay currently stands at around £200,000 and has been rising dramatically over the past decade. We estimate that if one university head cut their salary from £250,000 to £140,000, 49 minimum wage workers could be paid a living wage.”

Royal Holloway has seen its own share of conflict regarding equal pay when Professor Liz Schafer, expert in Shakespeare in Production and Australian Theatre, began a Tribunal against Royal Holloway for its discrepancy in pay between people in the same role based on gender.

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