Cambridge Students sell drugs to fund studies

One in every seven students from the University of Cambridge deal drugs in order to help towards their expenses, according to a survey sample of 434 students led by student newspaper, Varsity.

The results revealed that two-thirds of students admit to taking drugs whilst at university, with the most popular substance being cannabis. Many have also turned to selling drugs in order to pay their way through their education. One quarter of students claimed to have snorted cocaine at some point, as the survey revealed it to be the most used Class A substance, with 14% of those students having needed medical attention or visited a hospital due to this. Many students claimed that the drug was more widely used at Cambridge than at any other university to which they had been. One-third of Cambridge students also admitted to knowing one or more of their friends with a “serious drug problem”, and almost two in five students claimed they used prescription drugs for recreational use. One undergraduate noted that the results weren’t surprising, stating: “many students use drugs as a way to relax and completely disconnect” when faced with the high-stress environment seen at the university. Another student reiterated this, saying that they had turned to drugs in order to manage the stress from heavy workloads.

“It’s hard to juggle a job and studying at Cambridge, so dealing is a quick and easy way for them to make cash to pay for the fees”, a Kings College student commented when considering the reasons behind the results. Another undergraduate claimed that the “relative affluence of Cambridge students” could also provide an understanding of the vast drug consumption seen. The results have provided a blow to Cambridge, which was labelled as the best university in the world in the QS World University Rankings last year. In response, a spokesman for the university claimed: “There is no indication of the validity of this survey, but clearly the university doesn’t condone dealing in illegal substances.”

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