SURHUL Election Results

On Tuesday the 8th of February, the results of this year’s cross campus elections for the SURHUL Sabbatical and Student Trustee positions were announced.

Current Student Trustee, Doug German, won the role of President, beating History Society President, Mari Burton, and Anti-Cuts Campaigner, Ruth Nicholson, to the position.

Kenny Aruwa (of the Kenny Aruwa themed SU night) won Vice President of Education and Welfare, beating Academic Affairs Officer, Carl Welch, and incumbent VPEdWelfare Katie Blow.

Jamie Green beat RAG Communications Officer, Louie Woodall, to the position of Vice President of Communications and Campaigns.

Ian Stewart won the role of Vice President of Student Activities, beating Ethics and Environment Officer and Rowing Club President, Ed Resek, and Dance Society President, Lydia Heywood.

Oli Rushby (the only one of this year’s elected candidates present at Occupy RHUL) and physicist Dan Brewer beat People and Planet President, George Papamargaritis, to the two positions of Student Trustee.

All of this year’s elected candidates are male, and for the most voted for position of President, 1338 votes were cast, which equates to a voter turnout in excess of 15%.

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